ControlThings Platform

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A Linux distribution to aid in the cyber security assessment and penetration testing of Industrial Control Systems (ICS), including SCADA, DCS, IoT, IIoT systems, field devices and field busses.  

Virtual Machine Software Compatibility

Previous releases had issues with VMware on Windows 10/11 when using the GreatFET device.  The latest version fixes this issue if you use the .vmx file in the download.  The latest version should be compatible out of the box with the latest versions of VMware and VirtualBox.  And it is also trivial to get working with Gnome-Boxes and Virt-Manager on Linux as well.  I personally use Gnome-Boxes as my primary virtualization technology with this VM.

Download and Setup

Configuration files are provided for both VMware and VirtualBox.  You can also import the .vmdk file into gnome-boxes or virt-manager if you are on a Linux host.

If are getting this setup for the Assessing and Exploiting Control Systems and IIoT course, please make sure your VM is working BEFORE class begins.  Also verify you are downloading the correct version for your class session.