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For years we've had pen test distributions like BackTrack, Kali, and SamuraiWTF to help us perform penetration testing for most IT environments, however these distributions have been generic in nature to enable their use in a wide variety of different environments. One environment where these distributions have failed to meet the needs of their users is in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) like SCADA, DCS, Field Devices, and Field Buses. We are fixing this problem.

Taking our experience running SamuraiWTF and SamuraiSTFU over the last 10+ years, we have created an open source linux distribution specifically for ICS cyber security teams. ControlThings Platform takes the best-in-breed security assessment tools for traditional IT infrastructures and adds specialized tools for embedded electronics, proprietary wireless, and a healthy dose of ICS specific assessment tools, both from the greater community and custom created from our own teams.

But we don't stop there. In addition to all the assessment tools, we've added additional resources to help our users better understand essential ICS context through a healthy dose of documentation (for defense and offense), sample captures of ICS network traffic, and other resources to help you when you are disconnected from the Internet, as you should be when in any ICS environment.

Oh, and I shouldn't forget the inclusion of emulators to help you learn, and later calibrate your testing tools before using them against actual systems, thus providing you with a full test lab. So whether you work for an ICS company or are simply interested in gaining sufficient experience to do work in these environments, please check out our ControlThings Platform and our various ControlThings Tools.